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Shure / UA, Acoustic Guitar Recording Rig

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Shure / UA, Acoustic Guitar Recording Rig. Warm, tube, Studio Sound with ribbon tone!

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Product Descriptions

Shure KSM313/NE Dual-voice Ribbon Microphone

Dual-voice Ribbon Microphone with 30Hz-15kHz Frequency Response, Proprietary Ribbon Material, and 146dB SPL-handling

You Get Two Great Ribbon Mic Voices Plus High SPL Handling!

Get dual-purpose performance from Shure’s KSM313 ribbon microphone! One side of the KSM313 provides a brighter character that shines on your vocals, while the other side offers a rich, full sound that’s ideal for your amplified instruments. Among its other premium components, this striking ribbon mic features Roswellite ribbon material, which is stronger than the standard foil used by conventional ribbon mics. The result? You get superior sound and great performance at high SPLs.

You’ll love the way the Shure KSM313 dual-voice ribbon mic sounds on both vocals and instruments.

Hand-assembled machined steel, silver, gold and aluminum materials

Protective wood case included for storage.

Universal Audio Model LA 610 MKII Microphone Preamplifier

A Classic Tube Microphone Preamp & LA-2A-Style Compressor in a Single Unit

The LA-610 MkII combines an all-tube, vintage mic preamp design — heard on classic albums ranging from The Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds to Van Halen I — with authentic Teletronix T4 opto-compression circuitry. This classic channel strip design, with its warm preamp tone and smooth, natural-sounding compression, is updated with modern, user-requested features like true compressor bypass, larger metering, increased output, and an auto-switching power supply.

The LA-610 MkII also boasts much lower noise specs versus vintage models. Elegant and highly popular “Black on Black” cosmetics complete the package. For the serious project studio looking to get the UA sonic experience, the LA-610 MkII offers tone, quality and character at an accessible price.

All-tube mic preamp design derived from legendary Bill Putnam-designed 610 modular console
Authentic Teletronix LA-2A-style T4 opto-compressor section
Complete vintage channel strip at groundbreaking price within project studio reach
UA build quality and heritage, audiophile components, hand-assembled in-house

K&M Model 21075 Telescopic Boom Microphone Stand

Rugged, adjustable metal mic stand with telescopic, removable boom arm.

Lift AV Model M25 Microphone XLR Cable

High quality XLR male to XLR female cable to interface between your microphone and preamp.


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